jill is four!


You are four years old, baby girl!  If I’m being honest, I’m sad to say goodbye to three years old though.  It’s been my favorite age yet.  You’re smart, independent, capable, quite helpful, and best of all you make me laugh.  Even with all those mature characteristics, your obsession with being ‘the baby’ of our family continues.  You love to wear ‘baby’ footie pajamas (I’ll admit the size 5T footie pajamas are pretty cute too) and you love to hear stories about things you did as a baby.  You’ll always be my baby, Boo.

I LOVE our one-on-one time every afternoon now that Colin is in school full time. We’ve gotten into a routine where we eat lunch together, then sit outside on the patio, sharing a ‘sparkling spider’ (sparkling apple juice), while you tell me all about preschool.  This “girl talk” is so much fun and I hope you’ll continue to share school stories with me so enthusiastically in the upcoming years.

You’ve turned into a bit of a social butterfly.  When we run into friends from preschool, they always shout “It’s Jill!  Hi, Jill!” (both boys and girls alike) and my heart swells knowing kids are drawn to your kind spirit.  I have a feeling it’ll be easy for you to make friends as you continue in school.

We’ve started our second year of ballet/tap class.  Honestly, you’re really good at it and the 3-4 year old ballet class is always a highlight of my week too (basically it’s the cutest thing ever).  My favorite is when they play “Let It Go” and you belt out the song while you’re following along with the teacher.  (It’s also funny because even though you’ve only seen the movie Frozen once or twice, you’ve still become obsessed with that song and the characters.  You even picked out a ‘light up Elsa backpack’ for this school year.)

Boo, I have fun with you whether we’re doing household chores (you’re surprisingly helpful with the laundry!), getting pedicures, wandering the aisles of Trader Joes, or exploring new spots around town.  I love you so much and though I’m sad to say goodbye to three, I’m excited to see what FOUR brings!

Love, Momma

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  • Kathleen Moisan

    Love reading your letter to your daughter. Thanks for sharing it. I so wish I had done the same each year for my girl. I loved all the ages, but I think my very favorite was eight. Enjoy. And Happy Birthday to Jill. ReplyCancel

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