one year!


You are one whole year old now, baby girl!  And I know it’s cliche, but I have no idea where the time went.  I really feel like it was just yesterday that I was passing my due date and waiting for your arrival.  What a year it’s been, baby girl!


It seems every time we’re out, someone inquires ‘is she always this happy?‘  And I feel bad saying ‘yes, unless she’s hungry‘ but the truth is that this year has definitely been dominated by your sparkling smile.  I remember there were dark days too though, when we just COULD NOT figure each other out (3-6 months old were rough).  Looking back, I think the culprit of those struggles was that I just didn’t understand your need for independence.  Your brother was (still is) a serious snuggler and preferred to be rocked to sleep for naps until almost 2 years old.  So when you were fussy, I tried the only ‘soothing’ techniques I knew.  Now, we know that YOU DO NOT SNUGGLE.  And you DO NOT take a pacifier.  And that’s ok.  I like that you have your own (strong) opinions and you’re full of new challenges.

Jilly ‘Boo’, at one year old, you’re still feisty.  You have an uncanny ability to find the ONE THING you shouldn’t have and snag it instantly.  You still love to get into your brother’s toys.  Your favorite is to pull apart his train tracks because I think you know that pushes his buttons the MOST.  You’ll eat anything.  I (affectionately) call you ‘the garbage disposal’ because we take everything Colin rejects and dump it on your high chair tray.  You’ve just learned that it’s fun to throw food off your tray and feed the dog though (even funnier after Mom tells you ‘no’).  You babble energetically and love to play peekaboo behind blankets.  You’re crawling at super speed, doing some monkey walking with your butt up in the air, pulling yourself up to stand & cruising on everything.  I’ve seen you stand on your own (but not very frequently yet).  I have a feeling that walking is close on the horizon so I’m especially enjoying these final moments of sanity.


The favorites this month…

Favorite Book: Our new Thomas the Train book because the noise buttons are so fun!

Favorite Toy:  Anything that makes noise… like this guitar!

Favorite Song:  Wheels on the Bus.

Favorite Food:  Really, right now you’ll eat anything.  Cottage cheese is a new favorite.

Favorite Word:  ‘Ma-ma’ (!!!!!)

Favorite Thing to Do: Walk behind your push toy or splash in Colby’s water bowl.


I love you so much, my beautiful and spunky baby girl.  Let’s make this next year an incredible one- filled with more smiles & laughter!

Love, Momma


P.S.  Love these monthly onesies?  You can make your own!  Check out this post for a free download!


This year I’m participating in a blog circle of ‘letters to our children’ with a few other photographers.  If you enjoyed my letter to Jill, check out Cicely’s letter to her beautiful ‘wild child’!


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