day in the life [september]

Three months have passed since my last day in the life.  And in that time, Jill has sprouted a killer pony tail, Colin has developed a fierce love of trains, and the kids still adore the swings.  (Don’t even get me started on how dramatically things have changed since last September!)

September 14, 2015 [Colin is 2.5 years old, Jillian is 11 months]

Things have definitely improved on the sleeping front since my last post.  Jill now sleeps all the way through the night and Colin’s nightmares have improved dramatically.  Our only ‘battle’ is that Colin likes to wake up about an hour earlier than the rest of us (a recent development) and comes into our bed while we try to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep.  dayinthelife01

When Colin crashes the party, Colby Jack snuggles up close to Dad. This is the only photo of Colby (and John) from the day because John took Colby into the office.  Where they worked a long day.


Jill was the next to rise.  When she’s awake, you know it.  She doesn’t like to miss out on anything.

This morning was kind of a big morning for me & baby girl because right after I snapped this photo, I nursed her for the final time.


Then we got dressed and… breakfast for all!


Next we played around the house until it was time for Jill’s morning nap.


Colin was entertaining himself with his train tracks, which of course drew Jill’s attention.  After she got too close, he decided to form a physical barrier to keep her away from his toys (the concept of sharing is a work in progress).


I took Jill over to the window to give Colin some space (or else it ends with him pushing her face into the floor… just keeping it real).  The windows in our living room are the perfect perch to watch all the goings-on of the neighborhood.  Colin, Jill, and Colby Jack have spent hours here.


Those cheeks….


Then Jill went down for her morning nap and Colin watched an episode of Thomas… while I showered, got ready for the day, and did some laundry.  When we heard Jill begin to stir, we went upstairs to get her.

(ugh, that air conditioner is such an eye sore, but so very necessary!)

Look past it.. because… these two.


Next, we loaded up the stroller and took Colin to get his hair cut.  John usually takes him (I couldn’t deal with the screaming anymore!) so I was nervous about how Colin would react this time.  Thankfully, he did great!  Proud of my big boy!


As a reward we walked to the park for some time on the swings.  (Although that sucker in his hand was the REAL reward!)


After the park, we walked home, ate lunch and eventually put Jill down for her afternoon nap.  Colin has given up naps (arggggh!) so we played with kinetic sand (working on conquering his sand phobia!) and… get this… he actually ENJOYED it!


A little ‘quiet time’ (another Thomas) so Mom could tackle some emails…


After Jill woke up, we headed to the gym.  I love how Colin RUNS through the lobby, excitedly.  I’m so glad he enjoys the Kids Klub because I sure enjoy the me-time.  If you look closely, you’ll see three trains in his hand because… well, it was just easier that way.


After the gym, the kids ate dinner (last night’s leftovers).  Then, they played on the floor of the kitchen (Jill with bowls/spoons & Colin with his train track in the background) while I prepped dinner for me & John.


The only saving grace of no more naps (for Colin at least), is that bedtime starts EARLY.  Jill recently stopped using her bath seat so now she splashes her hands in the water wildly THE ENTIRE BATH.  Colin gets a little annoyed with all her splashing.


After bath, we did bedtime stories.


Jill polished off her bottle and I said GOODNIGHT!  (time for Mom to eat dinner and watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale!)


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All photos were taken with my Canon 5DMarkiii & 35mm f/1.4 lens [see more of my camera gear recommendations]!

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