day in the life [march]

Once a quarter I try to bust out my ‘big camera’ and lug it with me for a full day to document a ‘day in the life.’  This is my first one of 2016, but when I compare it to the last one [3 months ago], it feels like the only thing that’s changed is Jill’s hair!  Oh, and we took down the Christmas tree.  Here we go!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 [Colin is 3 years old, Jillian is 17 months]

The kids usually wake up around 7, but lately Colin has been appearing in our bedroom earlier than that.  We pull him into bed between us and try to get him to go back to sleep (yeah right).


Closer to 7, Jill starts to make her presence known… squealing from her crib in the other room.


Her bed head is awesome.


When everyone is dressed, we head downstairs for breakfast.


Colby had to go to the vet to get his teeth cleaned.  It’s kind of an ordeal… they put him under for the cleaning… and keep him there all day long.  So, I loved him up a little before we left.

I can’t say bringing two small children and one (very) anxious dog into the vet was my best idea.  But, since they wanted me to drop off Colby by 8am, before preschool or daycare were open, it had to be done.


From the vet, we headed to preschool.  Colin wanted to bring his ‘lovey’ along with him, so we placed it in the cubby to ‘stay safe’ while he was in school.


While Colin was at preschool, Jill and I went to her Little Gym class.  She loves it!  And I love having some one-on-one time with her.


After gym class, we went home.  Jill seized the opportunity to play with Colin’s toys while he was gone.  Her favorite?  His backpack.

Then we picked up Colin and returned home for lunch.  PBJs are Colin’s current favorite.  Jill prefers turkey.


After I put Jill down for her nap, I turned on a movie for Colin (right now he’s favoring Curious George), and took a couple minutes to catch up on work email & finish a blog post.


After the movie, we got out the art supplies.  Colin asked me to color a ‘danger sign’ and then made a couple of his own.


Then, to the train table.

dayinthelifemarch18dayinthelifemarch19We heard Jill start to stir upstairs so we went to get her.

Once out of her crib, Jill walked to my closet and demanded necklaces.  Then, the kids goofed around in their nursery for a bit.


Necklaces, scarfs, hats, shoes, purses.  This girl loves her accessories!


Time to pull all the books off the bookshelf.  Hey, at least this time they paused to read a couple!


We got a call from the vet that Colby did great and was ready to come home!


While I prepped dinner, the kids played in the living room (or as Colin calls it ‘my toy room’).


After dinner, Colin started acting up.  Stealing Jill’s toys, throwing them across the room, and refusing the listen.  So… time out.


After Colin apologized to Jill, we cleaned up the toys and headed upstairs for bath.


Seriously, these two.dayinthelifemarch32

We read bedtime stories together and then hopped into bed.


After the kids were down, I headed out for Body Back.  I left my camera at home because no one wants a camera in their sweaty (I mean ‘sparkling’) face during an intense workout.


The scale didn’t budge, but I felt great after an amazing workout.  I showered & joined John on the couch for some TV.  Except we were too wiped to make it through a full episode (weak) so we called it a night.


Tough day for this guy… he was happy to snuggle in our bed and say goodnight!

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All photos were taken with my Canon 5DMarkiii & 35mm f/1.4 lens [see more of my camera gear recommendations]!

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