life right now [december]


watching the video of Jill’s ballet recital on repeat.  She stole the show (but perhaps I’m biased).

enjoying our neighborhood ‘Christmas house’.  We stop almost every single night to watch a few songs of the light show.

saying no to a few things this holiday season in an effort to create space to actually ENJOY the season.  This year we skipped St Nick, the mall Santa, Zoo Lights, and the Polar Express.  The kids didn’t even notice and most importantly, we never felt overwhelmed during a usually busy time of year.

wrapping gifts.  I hid everything in a locked guest bathroom, which was successful except once I stashed them I never wrapped anything (out of sight, out of mind I suppose) and now it’s crunch time.

reading Little Fires Everywhere.  (Did you catch my list of favorite reads for 2018?)

filming videos for my new course all about organizing your PHYSICAL photos (because Backup Bootcamp covered the digital photos).  Coming in early 2019!  Sign up to be notified when registration opens.

exploring a couple new Family Yearbook ideas for 2019.  Yes, after 8 years of using Project Life I’m considering trying something else (even simpler!) this year.  Stay tuned!

loving my newly refreshed website!  I now have pages devoted entirely to my Photo Organizing services (where you can book right online!) and my online classes!

planning my 2019 travel dates (hi, I’m a planner).  I’ll be announcing them in my January newsletter.

calculating all my stats from the year to compile another ‘year in review’ blog post.  Overall, it’s been a great year!

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