this year’s favorite reads [2018]

This is my SIXTH annual ‘favorite reads’ list and, mostly, that just makes me wonder how in the world my blog is that old already.  But anyway, this year’s list is full of VARIETY… that’s for sure.

They're here... my book recommendations for the year! This is my SIXTH annual roundup of the best books I read (in 2018).


In no particular order (actually, that’s not true… they’re listed in the order I read them)… the best books I read in 2018!

  • On Mystic LakeThe first book I read in 2018 and I picked it up because I’ve loved some of Kristin Hannah’s other books.  This one is a fictional story about a woman whose husband asks for a divorce the day their only child goes off to college… and the path of self discovery that begins next.  Set in the Pacific Northwest (and you know I have a soft spot for that!), I was really captivated by this story.
  • Better Than BeforeI’ve been meaning to read this book ever since I heard an episode of Gretchen Rubin’s podcast where she mentioned techniques that work well for different personalities when it comes to making habits stick (or quitting bad habits).  This book gets into a lot of detail, but I learned quite a bit about my personality which changed the way I approach goals + habits.
  • Full Body Burden.  If I were to pick just one… this was the most memorable book of the year.  But a TRUE story about plutonium pollution + government cover up… on land where we ALMOST bought a house?!  How could I not be enthralled by this story?  I want to make everyone I know read this book.  Ok fine, maybe just people who live in Denver (I don’t know if anyone else would really care).
  • The Forgetting Time.  A fictional story based on the idea of reincarnation… and that children, specifically, can remember their previous life for the initial years of their current childhood.  Fascinating idea!  Even months later, when I catch one of my kids saying something peculiar, I think of this book and smile at the idea that maybe it’s a facet of another life peeking through.
  • Take Me With You. I was so touched by this book.  It’s a sweet story about a teacher who likes to travel the country in his RV over the summers (with some life drama to make it interesting).  It’s a nice fiction read that will warm your heart (don’t we need more of those)?

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