Holiday Gift Guide- Photo Gift Ideas!

For years, my favorite place for photo gifts has been Pinhole Press.  They have such fun, unique photo gift ideas. And the quality is awesome!  Every year they introduce new items so on this year’s gift guide you’ll see some repeats I’ve shared before + a few new things I’m loving.

These items cover all ages, everything is under $25, and the gifts only a few minutes to design! Win, win, win!

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase.


  1. Memory Game I $19.99
    I just love this idea and we have several of these memory games in our house. My favorites for the holidays are the Elf (beyond adorable!), the Santa Hat, and Christmas Tree. There are also non-holiday design options as well as a brand new Affirmation memory card game (love the messages on those cards)!
  2. Photo Ornaments I $19.99
    This is a new offering and comes as a set of 8. I’m going to use these on my gifts to level up my gift wrapping game this year!
  3. Brag Book I $24.99
    I’ve loved brag books since I first became a photographer. They’re a great gift for the grandmas so they can have updated photos of their grandkids in their purse, ready to show off at any moment! The red one I’ve pictured here is cute for the holidays, but I also love the ones with the leather cover.
  4. Puzzle I $24.99
    We have the 252 piece puzzle but they also sell a 12 piece and 60 piece option. Love that you only need ONE photo to create this gift- so quick!
  5. Weekly Notepad I $14.99
    Pinhole Press offers many notepad options, but this one is my favorite. I use it every week for meal planning. The colors are cute and work year-round and it comes together in a quick second because you only need to pick 2 total photos for this project! 
  6. Polaroid Magnets I $19.99
    I love cute magnets! They also have a Photo Booth design option (tall strips) and plain photo squares if you prefer not to add text. We get compliments on these fridge magnets all the time!
  7. Wine Labels I $9.99
    These labels (a set of 9) are a fun way to personalize your favorite bottle of wine- great for hostess or neighbor gifts!   
  8. Perforated Calendar I $24.99
    The photos tear off the bottom of this calendar so they can be framed and enjoyed well after the month ends! Love that! Has the option to be purchased with a frame too.
  9. Finger Puppets I $21.99
    Personalize these with your child’s favorite friends (or animals!)- the perfectly sized stocking stuffer!


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