holiday photo gift ideas

For years, my favorite place for photo gifts has been Pinhole Press.  I think they have such fun, unique photo gift ideas. And the quality is awesome!  

In preparation for the holidays, I’ve pulled together my favorite photo gift ideas… for all ages!  Everything is under $30 and takes only a few minutes to design.

In preparation for the holidays, I pulled together my favorite photo gift ideas... for all ages!  Everything is under $30 and takes only a few minutes to design.

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase.

holiday photo gift ideas

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  1. Memory Game I $19.99
    I just love this idea and we have several of these memory games in our house. My favorites for the holidays are the Elf (beyond adorable!), the Santa Hat, and the Christmas Tree.

  2. Finger Puppets I $21.99
    This is a new addition to my photo gift list. I thought it was such a fun idea and made a set for my kids that included some family members, our dog, a few friends and even the neighbor’s cat. A great stocking stuffer.

  3. Brag Book I $24.99
    I’ve loved brag books since I first became a photographer. They’re a great gift for the grandmas so they can have updated photos of their grandkids in their purse, ready to show off at any moment! The red one I’ve pictured here is cute for the holidays, but I also love the ones with the leather cover.

  4. Puzzle I $24.99
    I ordered the 252 piece puzzle to put under my family’s tree this year (my 6 year old daughter is a puzzle machine!), but they also sell a 12 piece and 60 piece option. (Pro Tip: after you’ve selected “the” photo for your Christmas card, go drop it onto a puzzle… and done!)

  5. Weekly Notepad I $14.99
    Pinhole Press offers many notepad options, but this one is my favorite. I use it every week for meal planning. The colors are cute and work year-round and it comes together in a quick second because you only need to pick 2 total photos for this project!

  6. Photo Booth Magnet. $19.99
    I love this new magnet idea! I’ve shared the Polaroid version in the past and I still love those, but these Photo Booth magnets make a great stocking stuffer. Think it’s going to be too hard to design four unique magnets? Repeat ONE design four times and gift one to everyone in your family. They’d be so cute tied onto the top of a package or tucked into a Christmas card envelope.

  7. Wine Labels. $9.99
    I don’t know if we’ll need hostess gifts this year with COVID putting the kibosh on gatherings, but these labels are a fun way to personalize your favorite bottle of wine.

  8. Magnetic Calendar. $27.99
    Pinhole Press has many different calendar options that are all SO simple to design (pick 12 photos, drop one into each month and that’s it!) but this calendar is my favorite because of the magnetic backing. It’s so cute hanging on the fridge and the kids look forward to discovering the new photo each month.

  9. Faces Sticker Book. $24.99
    This is another new addition to this year’s gift list. Drop in 8 face photos (again, I included our dog!) and that’s it. The kids can apply the face stickers onto blank notebook pages and use their imagination to create funny scenes.

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