project life: january

It’s a new year for Project Life!  And to kick it off, I have some big news:  I am part of the 2014 Digital Project Life CREATIVE TEAM!  Basically, this means I get to play around with all the new products and put together ‘inspirational’ layouts to share online.  I’m so excited to be part of this fun team!

For this year’s book, I’m using the Kraft Edition Core Kit.  I really believe in honoring the simplicity of this system by selecting ONE core kit each year and using ONLY that kit.  It prevents me from getting overwhelmed with design possibilities, keeps the time commitment manageable and guarantees my final book flows well, aesthetically.

So here we go!

January 1 – 5.  A very random assortment of photos, mostly focusing on the new year.  But my favorite photo is Colin ‘helping’ me put away the Christmas decorations.  Oh, that guy.  One new technique I tried in this spread is using the new overlays to add some fun to my photos [the ‘that’s kind of cool’ & ‘my happy place’].  Sure, I could have added text myself in Photoshop, but the overlays were much cuter [and faster]!


January 6 – 12.  The left page is a hodgepodge of Colin photos and since he was painting with red finger paint, I went with a red theme for the page.  Lately he’s been mimicking me saying “tickle tickle” and it’s ADORABLE.  The right page are some black & white photos I took on a lazy Sunday around the house.  My favorite photo from this week is the one of me tickling Colin.  John took that photo and I can hear Colin’s belly laugh when I look at it.


January 13 – 19.  Again, a hodgepodge of everyday for this week.  I used more of the overlays to jazz up the photos.  My favorite photo is one labeled ‘love this’-  Colin fell asleep on me after he finished his naptime bottle.  He was clutching his ‘lovey’ and my heart melted.


January 19 – 25.  Left side are the snapshots from the entire week.  It was GORGEOUSLY sunny here and we spent a lot of time at the beach.  The right side are my favorites from the day in the life post I shared earlier.


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