project life: september

I can’t believe September is already over… I feel like I was just writing a blog post with my August project life pages!

September 1-7.  It was a relatively quiet week because we stayed home for Labor Day weekend.  We had aspirations to go camping at one of the state parks, but couldn’t find a site with availability [guess everyone had the same idea].  We thoroughly enjoyed the quiet instead.  At the end of the week, John’s mom came into town for a visit.  She took a few photos of me & Colin so I included them in the pages.  Every single photo was taken with my iPhone.

My favorite photo from this week: John reading a bedtime story to Colin.  We added this into our bedtime routine, which we now refer to as ‘book, bath, boob, bed’, so that John & Colin would have this time together when John gets home from work.


September 8-14.  We traveled to Victoria with John’s mom so this was a very photo-heavy week.  I’m not totally happy with the lack of continuity between the left/right sides here, but at least it’s documented. Left side are iPhone photos & the right side are non-iphone [Canon 5D Mark iii].

My favorite photo from this week: Colin reaching for the camera.  It reminds me of how well he handled that trip [he looks so happy!] and how he likes to grab for everything these days.

One thing you’ll notice is that I do not use a photo-a-day approach with my Project Life.  During this particular week, the photos from the weekend were far more interesting than our day-to-day activities.  So I focused 100% on the trip.


September 15-21.  The highlights of the week were Colin’s new haircut & starting swimming lessons!

My favorite photo from this week:  the black & white photo of Colin admiring his haircut in the mirror.  Because… well, he’s cute.


September 22-28.  Again focused on two events:  Colin turning 10 months & our weekend trip to Leavenworth [I’ll include more about that in an upcoming blog post].  All captured on my Canon 5D Mark iii.

My favorite photo from this week:  Colin sitting in the chair with his hand placed on the arm rest.  Something about his more ‘serious’ expression really connects with me.


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