this year’s favorite reads [2016]

This is my FOURTH annual ‘favorite reads’ list and this year was different than the last couple years.  Sadly, I was in a reading slump that lasted almost the entire year.  I hit a string of bad books, couldn’t find one that could keep my attention, and lost my groove.  The total number of books I read this year was HALF of prior years and of those, there were few I’d recommend.  So, here are the keepers.  It’s a short, but very good, list.

A great book recommendation list from Miss Freddy!

my book recommendation list

  • Into Thin Air.  My favorite book of the year.  An account of the 1996 disaster during an Everest expedition.  Wow.  It’s quite a read.  I saw the movie later in the year and it’s also incredibly well done, though my advice is NOT to watch it on an airplane where you’re suddenly crying your eyes out amongst strangers.
  • Orphan Train.  Ok, this was tied for favorite.  An amazing read.  A sad story, that I believe is based on events that actually happened in US history.  A fact that is fascinating and terrifying.
  • Me Before You.  This book has gotten a lot of hype because of the movie release (which I haven’t seen yet).  It’s definitely more of a young adult feel, but it’s a great story that really got to my heart.  Oh, all the feels!
  • What Alice Forgot.  I really enjoy Liane Moriarty’s books so it’s no surprise I liked this one as well.  A really interesting plot and a memorable book.
  • The Nightingale.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything by Kristin Hannah, but she also wrote Firefly Lane (and I LOVED that) so I knew this would have potential.  Admittedly, it took me awhile to get into this book, but eventually it won be over.  Another historical fiction… this one based in France during WWII and… so good.

Like I said, it’s a relatively short list this year so if you’re looking for more recommendations check out my lists from 2015, 2014 & 2013!

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