day in the life [march]

Wow.  Exactly four months have passed since my last day in the life post.  It felt really good to bust out the big gun [my ‘fancy camera‘] and take some everyday life photos again.

March 9, 2015 [Colin is 2 years old, Jillian is 5 months]

Good morning!
Lately, Colin starts his day by standing at the corner of his crib and saying ‘mommy… dada… mommy… dada… mommy… dada’ on repeat until someone wakes up and gets him.  At least it’s adorable chatter.  And reasonably polite.


While Mom & Dad got ready for the day, Colin ran around the bedrooms and these two chilled in their respective beds…  [look at Jill pretending that she slept all night in her crib… isn’t she sweet?]


For breakfast these days, it’s usually a tough choice between ‘eggs’ or ‘cake’ [pancakes].

While Colin chowed down, Jill watched from the sidelines [her swing].


One morning a week, Colin ‘goes to school’.  It’s a drop in daycare where he plays with lots of other kids and then I get a little time to run errands with just the baby.  He loves wearing his ‘pack pack.’


After dropping off Colin, Jill & I went to the grocery store.  She must have found it boring.


After grocery shopping, we went home to clean the house & do the laundry.  Jill had fun pulling [clean] clothes out of the pile as I was folding.


After putting away the laundry, I had to take a few more photos of her…


Then we picked up Colin & brought him home for naptime.  In this photo, he’s reading his current favorite: 10 Little Rubber Ducks.


This is what Jill’s afternoon nap looks like lately… she’ll sleep for about 30 minutes in her swing and then, if I hold her, another 1-2 hours.  Mmmmm… baby snuggles.


I’ve been trying to be better about giving Colby Jack daily walks.  So, after naptime, we loaded up the stroller and enjoyed some sunshine.  [Sidenote:  I’ve been sharing photos from our walks on Instagram, with the plan to make a chatbook at the end of the year, so we can always remember the pretty things that filled our neighborhood at this time in our lives.]


Colin is obsessed with his bike. “GO FAST!!” is his favorite thing to say.  I love listening to him ring the little bell.  No matter how long he rides, it’s never long enough and there were a couple dramatic shouts of ‘wa mo bite!!’  [one more bike].

Ultimately, he said ‘buh-bye bite….  see you soon‘ and we went inside for dinner.


After dinner and an episode of Daniel Tiger, we went upstairs for bath time.  Colin loves to point to his head and say ‘shampoo’.


Colin read bedtime books with Dad while I gave Jill her bath.


After the kids were in bed, John & I ate our dinner and watched last week’s episode of Suits.
And, at the very end of the day… this was the view from my bed…. ‘bed time?  what’s that?!


Good thing she’s cute.

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