fit4mom body back: week 3

Three weeks of Fit4Mom Body Back down and I can’t believe how quickly they’re flying!

This was my first ‘normal’ week.  At home.  Our typical routine.  I was able to attend all the on-site classes, do the at-home workout, and cook relatively healthy meals.  After the week, I’m down 1 more pound.  It feels like the scale is moving sooooo slowly, but even if I’ve only lost 3 pounds in total, I’m feeling stronger and noticing small changes in my body.  Plus, slow & steady weight loss is best for keeping it off long term, right?


fail to plan, plan to fail

A big component of the Body Back program is nutrition.  We are encouraged to track our daily food intake through the My Fitness Pal app and are paired with a nutritionist who reviews our weekly logs and provides personalized feedback.  Though it’s a calorie tracking app, the Body Back approach isn’t focused on counting calories.  The purpose of the food journal is to increase awareness of what we’re eating, help the nutritionists give better tips/advice, and ultimately help us make smarter decisions.

There’s a strong emphasis on meal planning with this program.  Each week we are emailed sample meal plans and recipe ideas from the trainers.  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  I’ve totally found that to be true.  Without a plan, I aimlessly wander my kitchen when I’m hungry… grabbing whatever is most convenient.  A meal plan helps me stay on track and make better ‘clean’ choices with my food.  [Although even with the plan, those pesky Girl Scout cookies keep finding their way into my hands… I can’t control myself around Thin Mints!]

Speaking of meal plans: I’ve previously shared a free meal planner printable… as well as a 6 week meal plan of my family’s favorite recipes.  Check them out!


[Update:  my final results are in!  Or check out all of my weekly Fit4Mom Body Back posts!]

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