fit4mom body back: week 4

Wow.  The half way mark of Body Back!  I truly feel like it was JUST March 1st when I was fearing the fitness assessment and trying to find any excuse NOT to do this.  But here we are:  four weeks finished already!

This week I dropped one more pound bringing the total to four pounds (in four weeks).  It’s slow movement, but I know I’m building muscle and that gradual change is easier to maintain long term.

Week 4 of my Fit4Mom Body Back journey. An intense eight-week fitness training program designed for moms after having a baby (no matter how long it has been).

time for a reality check

A couple weeks back I talked about how we all start somewhere.  And, basically, the reason I was scared to jump in was that I was starting from the bottom and that is embarrassing and uncomfortable.  The truth is that the last time I really challenged myself physically & consistently was my freshman year of college when I was on the Notre Dame Rowing team.  Those were serious workouts.  I was strong and healthy (and really young).  In my mind that was just yesterday, but in REALITY that was 15 years, 2 pregnancies, and 25 pounds ago.

I’m not expecting to be 18 again.  My body has grown and stretched to create my two beautiful children and I don’t require it to come out of that experience unchanged.  My freshman year of college was definitely fun, but my goal isn’t to get back there (for many reasons… hah!).  I am, however, hoping to return to a strong, healthy self.  And, halfway through, I feel like Body Back is the right program to help me get there.

I wanted to end this blog post with ‘four weeks to go!’ but that doesn’t quite feel right.  Yes, in four weeks, there will be another fitness assessment and my official before/after results, but I’m already considering joining the next Body Back session (gasp!) so I have a feeling my journey may extend beyond just four more weeks!


[Update:  my final results are in!  Or check out all of my weekly Fit4Mom Body Back posts!]

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