Jill is seven!


You are seven years old, baby girl!  This year you bravely walked into first grade, after a night of tears shed because ALL of your Kindergarten besties were assigned a different classroom. My heart broke as you cried, but I knew you would flourish in the following days. You’re the social butterfly of the family, after all, and as I expected you’ve been doing a great job making new friends in first grade.

Just in time for your 7th birthday, you lost your first tooth last week! I’m so glad the little gap in the middle of your bottom teeth got to be a part of this portrait session:

You’re still my girly girl. Your obsession with baby dolls has not lessened as you’ve grown older. Your collection of over 25 dolls is a lot to manage (yet you still want more dolls!)… so you select one baby each day as your main focus. I’m proud of the way you mother your babies- packing their bag for daycare each morning, making meals for them to eat each day, and giving them a bath each night.

This spring you got your ears pierced! All summer you let them heal (luckily with no issues!), waiting to change the earrings. And the cute unicorn pair you chose to change into (right before this photo session) was a fun reward for 4.5 months of patiently waiting.

Boo, I had so much fun going on a “date” with you last night to take these photos (your freckles are my very favorite). I love you so much and I’m lucky to be your mom!

Love, Momma

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