jill is five!


You are five years old, baby girl!  This one is hard for me. For you, my baby, to turn five feels like an enormous chapter of my life has closed. You’re a full fledged kid now and the baby days are long gone. Except for the strange fact that you’re obsessed with being the ‘baby part of the family’ and regularly act like a baby (which really aggravates me because I know how mature you really are).

Four was a really fun age. You’re surprisingly helpful and independent. Yesterday, I was backing out of the driveway to take you to ballet class and I suddenly remembered I hadn’t put away the macaroni we ate for lunch. I told you ‘I’ll be right back… just have to go put the macaroni in the fridge’ and you replied ‘I already did it.’ I was confused so I went inside to find you’d moved the leftovers from the pan, filled the Tupperware, covered it, and placed it into the fridge… while I wasn’t looking! Is my job here done?

You are such a girly girl. You want to wear dresses daily, accessorize with multiple items (lately it’s most often with pink sunglasses and a pink cat ears headband), love to have your nails painted, always ask if you can put on my makeup, and request curls in your hair any time I put them in my own. Pink, sparkles, unicorns, princesses… it’s pretty cute, but a completely foreign world for me!

Boo, I love spending my afternoons with you. You make the boring daily tasks like laundry and dishes so much more fun with your ‘help.’ I’m going to miss our mom + Jill time when you start Kindergarten next year. I love you so much, baby girl, and I’m lucky to be your mom!

Love, Momma

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