colin is seven!


You are seven years old, kid!  And so ridiculously smart. Reading chapter books in a single sitting, finishing your math homework in seconds (without ever asking for help!), and writing your own comic books with impressive illustrations. Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in that amazing brain of yours. It seems like it never stops working something out.

The things you RETAIN in that brain, bud. It truly blows my mind. You’ll remember the street address of a friend we visited ONE time, more than a year ago. We can quiz you on football or basketball scores and you’ll recite the date of the game and the final score (we fact check via Alexa and you’re always correct). If someone asks me for an address, license plate number, room number, etc… I usually say “hang on, I’m sure Colin will remember.”

Sometimes that insane brain of yours makes it hard to fit into your first grade classroom though. I’ve seen your friends’ eyes glaze over when you start excitedly spouting sports stats, and you’d rather be writing your “Tiny Rob” comic books than doing what your teacher asked you to do. (We’re working on this.)

You’re still a sensitive and emotional boy. When things don’t go as you hoped or (heaven forbid) you make a mistake, you crumble. Shedding tears happens frequently and it looks so much more dramatic when you have to wipe your eyes underneath the glasses. Goodbyes with visitors, no matter how many days they stayed with us, are always emotional and it makes everyone feel loved.

I love being your mom, Colin.  I’m so lucky I get to be the one to hug you when you cry, encourage you to try again when you make a mistake, and quiz you incessantly on sports stats.

Love, Mom

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