one year old


It’s time for a celebration!  You are ONE YEAR OLD.  This a huge milestone for you, little guy, but it’s also a big milestone for your momma.  It means that we did it.


You were patient with me as I learned how to care for a newborn and as I learned what it meant to be a mother.  You were patient as we struggled through the early weeks of breastfeeding.  You were patient as we spent every day inside our apartment during a brutally cold Indiana winter.  You were patient as we traveled all over the country, introducing you to family & friends.  And you were patient as we moved all the way across the country, to our new home of Seattle.

And it’s no wonder… your patience has started wearing thin.  In your twelfth month, you’ve become a bit more fiesty.   If the scrambled eggs don’t hit your tray fast enough in the morning, you let out a yell that could wake the neighbors.  If you want to get out of the shopping cart seat, the whole store knows.  If a toy is just out of reach on the table, you demand my attention.


Oh, that demanding shout can drive momma crazy, but it’s so very exciting that you’re starting to communicate.  Sure, there have been plenty of da-das, ma-mas, and goo-gaas during the last few months, but this is different.  Suddenly you’re trying to tell me what you want. [but would it be too much to ask that you add a ‘please’ to your requests?]


As I placed you into your crib on the eve of your birthday, I was overwhelmed with emotions that I never saw coming!  I felt triumphant that you had thrived for one full year under my care [no matter how hopeless I felt at times].  I felt excited about the little person you’ve become and what lies ahead this next year.  And my heart broke with sadness, as if I was tucking in my ‘baby’ for the last time.


The favorites this month…

Favorite Book: Goodnight Seattle.  This was a gift from Miss Hannah, right after we moved.  You enjoyed reading it with Grandma Josie and then seeing the sights in person during her visit.

Favorite Toy:  This bead maze. You love to use your pointer finger to push one bead at a time.

Favorite Song: Lots & lots of the toddler radio Pandora station.

Favorite Food: Love cottage cheese just like your Grandpa!  Also, just introduced cow’s milk and the weaning process has begun!

Favorite Word:  ‘Got-tee’.  Not sure exactly what it means, but maybe it’s in response to Dad’s new shaggy look?

Favorite Thing to Do: Pull yourself up at the window ledge to peer out at the neighborhood.


I love you so much, little guy.  Let’s make this next year an incredible one- filled with laughter & adventure!
[and hopefully a couple ‘please’ and ‘thank yous’]

Love, Momma


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