four and a half


You’re four and a half, baby boy.  I’ve started every letter with ‘baby boy’ and this is the first time it felt a little silly to use those words.  I know you’re forever my “baby,” but now I don’t see a baby in these photos at all.  It could also be that that you’re really, really tall for your age and often mistaken for a kindergartner (thankfully we still have a full year of Pre-K left before that milestone!)

You are one smart cookie, Colin.  I remember how much we worried when you didn’t hit some ‘big milestones’ when you were ‘supposed to’ (like walking + talking).  It was all in there though, kiddo, and now you’re even ahead of the curve on many things.  You don’t like to make mistakes so you take your time and perfect everything before you showcase a skill to the world.  It makes it even sweeter when I see things ‘click’ and watch you excel at something.

You are FULL of so much knowledge.  You love to spell words, read simple sentences, tell time, memorize numbers of all forms (I’m pretty sure you can recall an address of any house we’ve ever visited),  change the dates on your calendar, and play with your state puzzle (you know all of them!).  You love to ask for people’s birthdays and keep a running list in your head.  You’ve been so into family birthdays that we decided to bake a ‘half birthday’ cake for you last night- you were just so excited about the date!  After we ate the cake, Uncle Bruce asked where the recipe for the frosting came from and you replied ‘794 and 795’.  Sure enough, we opened up ‘The Joy Book” (The Joy of Cooking) and that was the page number of the recipe!  Your brain and numbers!  I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with that talent.

Sometimes you make life interesting because you prefer things done in your own specific way and want everything to go according to plan (that’s not really how preschool works).  You hate stains, just like Daddy, and a scrape can derail your day if you’re not immediately given a band-aid (nevermind that there’s no blood).  All bits that make you uniquely my Colin.

You’re constantly surprising me and always making me proud, sweet boy.  I love you so much!

Love, Momma


I’ve been documenting ‘the favorites’ at various stages and here’s a quick update for 4.5!

Favorite Food: peanut butter & jelly (still)

Favorite Book:  you like to page through mom’s big books to look at dates + numbers

Favorite Song: soundtrack from our Music Together class

Favorite Word/Phrase: “Let’s make an art pro-jeck”

Favorite Toy: new bike (that you’ll pedal by yourself!)

Favorite Thing to Do:  play in our new backyard, tackle Jill

Favorite TV Show:  Team Umizoomi


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