Jill is nine!


You are nine years old, girl and starting to act more and more grown up. Recently I was taking you to dance class and you asked if I could drop you off outside the studio, instead of coming inside, so you “could be more mature.” I guess that’s where we are now. Boy, it happens fast!

In third grade you’ve really gotten into writing- you create beautiful stories and illustrations. At your cute desk in your room, organized with all your writing supplies, you write letters to send in the mail to friends around the country.

You have always had a feisty side and feel some big feelings. We refer to your tantrums as “losing your d-mind” and while it’s great to get those feelings OUT of your body, it has been challenging to find ways you can help calm yourself down in the moment. Those great writing skills seem to help when you put your thoughts down into a journal though.

You’re still so stylish and love to go shopping (you don’t get either of those from me, but it’s fun to tag along). I wasn’t surprised when you asked for this year’s birthday date to be at the mall. We visited all your favorite spots- Claire’s, Bath and Body Works, the carousel in the food court, and of course… Target.

Boo, I love you so much and I’m lucky to be your mom!

Love, Mom

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