this year’s favorite reads [2017]

This is my FIFTH annual ‘favorite reads’ list and, I’m going to be honest, this year I wasn’t able to devote as much time to reading so the list is on the shorter side.  Plus as I was compiling try list, I realized they are ALL pretty dark and depressing story lines.  War. Racism. Poverty.  They’re heavy reads. But there’s one book in particular that I believe is a very important read for everyone to add to their list.

Check out my book recommendation list. My FIFTH annual 'favorite reads' and this year is a short (and pretty dark) list but worth reading!


  • Small Great Things.  I think everyone should read this book.  It’s a fictional story about racism, but it brings to light the hate that exists in America in a very real way.  I happened to finish this book the week before the incident in Charlottesville, VA and it made me realize that this book is hardly fiction at all.
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns.  I’ve had this on my bookshelf for years (I bought it after loving The Kite Runner) and finally picked it up.  It’s a tough story, like Kite Runner, but featuring female leads this time.  I would rank this second to Kite Runner, but still very much worth reading.
  • Icy Sparks.  This was a unique book. It’s about a strange little girl struggling with Tourette’s though she doesn’t know it. For some reason I found it hard to put down.  Oprah picked this as her book club selection back in March 2001 so I’m perhaps a little late to the game here.
  • All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.  A pretty shocking love story about the daughter of a meth dealer.  It’s dark, but also captivating.
  • Girl at War.  This is a fictional story about a Croatian girl taken from her family during the war.  My jaw literally dropped during the scene where she’s separated from them… very tough to read.  Still recommend it though!

Like I said, this year’s list is particularly dark and depressing so if you’re looking for more recommendations (some are upbeat!), check out my lists from 20162015, 2014 & 2013!


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