Colin is eleven!


You are eleven years old!  For this year’s annual “birthday photo date” we did something totally different and visited the mall. It didn’t take much coaxing because you were in your element. We visited your faves- Lids, Pro Image and Fanzz- and then grabbed burgers for dinner.

You are still sports-obsessed. Basketball, football, college, premiere league… hardly matters the team, you’re into it. Every day you’re quizzing Google for the latest scores.

Fifth grade has brought a whole new world at school- switching classes between three teachers each day. It’s stretched your organizational skills quite a bit so hopefully you’ll be prepared for middle school next year (yikes, I’m not)! You’re still blowing everyone away with your smarts.

Your Super Mario passion hasn’t waned at all this year. In your free time you love to set up race brackets for the Rainbow Road Hot Wheel track in the basement. The number of stuffies you’ve collected at this point is possibly becoming a problem (you have now collected Yoshis in every color of the rainbow!) but Koopa is well-established as your favorite friend.

This year also brought a fun new hobby- playing saxophone in the band! You’re been a natural and I’m excited to see where your musical future goes.

I’m so lucky I get to be your Mom, Colin.

Love, Mom

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