two months!


You are two months old now, baby girl.  It truly felt like last week that I was taking photos of you in your one month onesie, and here four whole weeks have gone by.  Life has been moving in warp speed since you arrived [and I thought things were flying by with just your brother… I had no idea].

The past month has been filled with so many more smiles.  When you have a full belly, you’ll stare up at me and smile wide.  Sometimes your smiles are so big that your lips quiver.  Like your little body is trembling with a happiness that you can’t even contain.  It lifts my heart.

During the last few weeks you’ve also started to ‘talk’ to me.  Our conversations are my favorite.  When you’re laying on your back, I lean over you and say ‘hi there, baby girl!’ and your face lights up.  That big smile comes out and then you sweetly say ‘goooo.’  We exchange ‘ah-gooooos’ for a couple minutes until you get serious again.  If I walk away (or just pop out of sight), and then come back, we can repeat the whole thing all over again.  I can say, honestly, that I’ll never get enough.

jillian_2monthswebAt your two-month checkup, we found out that you’re 12 lbs 15 oz now (85th percentile).  Even though your weight was off-the-charts at birth, it’s returned to a normal realm for a girl your age.  But you’re in the 88th percentile for height so you’re still a big girl all around.  And don’t get me started on your head size (off the charts)… that’s a gift from your Daddy.

You cried so, so hard when you got your two-month shots.  Oh, it was difficult for us both.  I’d never heard you cry like that before and I felt helpless as I tried to console you, knowing I just wanted to keep you safe.  You needed to be held a lot that day, but eventually you shook your fussiness and returned back to your cheerful self.

2monthsoldwebJillian, you are the. best. baby.  You sleep well.  You nap anywhere.  You smile all the time [unless you’re hungry].  I realize it probably sounds like I’m bragging, but the thing is… I know it has absolutely nothing to do with me or my parenting abilities.  Nada.  We are simply lucky.  And are very thankful for that blessing.

Love, Momma


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