four months!


You are four months old now, baby girl.  It feels like each month I say ‘it went so fast!  I can’t believe another month has passed since your last onesie photo!‘  But, to be honest, I can’t say that this month.  This month felt long, little one.  I blame that on a shortage of sleep and most definitely not on a shortage of smiles.


When we transitioned to the crib, you went from sleeping beautifully at night [usually waking once to eat] to waking frequently and not always settling back to sleep after a feeding.  It made the whole bedroom-sharing-with-big-brother a little more complicated than I anticipated.  Sometime in the early hours of the morning, I’d always admit defeat and bring you into bed with me [where you’d sleep peacefully, but me? not so much.]  I experimented with moving to the couch at that point, while you’d slumber in the nearby swing, but no matter what I tried, I began each morning more exhausted.  Your dad finally suggested we put your travel bassinet in the crib to provide a more confined space and hallelujah! we are starting to get some better sleep.


Despite the late night parties, your joyful disposition remains intact.  This month brought lots of giggles and so many more of those huge toothless smiles.  In addition, you’ve sprouted a super soft head of strawberry blond hair, but still rock a goofy dark patch in the back that’s been there since birth.  You’re rolling back-to-front, except you don’t always know what to do with that one pesky arm getting in the way.  Love the bumbo, but not tummy time.  And you’ve started grabbing toys from me…. and putting them directly in your mouth.

Jilly, you’ve brought such sparkle & sunshine to our family [day and night].  I’m forever grateful.

Love, Momma



This year, I’m joining a few photographers in a blog circle where we share monthly letters to our children.  If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out Cicely’s letter to her children!

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