eight months!


You are eight months old now, baby girl!  Your life is much faster paced than your brother’s was as this stage and YOU WANT IT TO MOVE EVEN FASTER!  The army crawling has gained speed, but, if you had it your way, you’d be running alongside your big brother.  Soon enough, Jilly Boo, soon enough.


The biggest news this month?  Those two perfect bottom teeth.  Boom.  Sprouted overnight.  A little fussing, a little drooling, but then you were over it.  And on to the next thing.

In other exciting news… no more reflux/spit up!  While you didn’t have a severe case, it certainly is nice to say goodbye to burp cloths!


You’ve still got spunk.  And boy are you determined.  Anything in my hands MUST BE YOURS.  The other day you were protesting about napping.  And about being set down.  So, I carried you into the kitchen while I re-heated leftover pizza for lunch (for me).  As soon as the plate came out of the microwave, you thrust your hands forward and grabbed the (hot) pizza, burning your hand.  Oh, I felt so bad as you started crying.  It won’t be the first time your stubborn & determined nature gets you into trouble, I’m sure.  But, I have a feeling it’ll also serve you well in life, little one.


Another fun thing about this month is I have a letter to your brother at this age too (I started writing them at 8 months when I launched this blog… which is awesome because I totally cannot remember anything anymore).  It was really fun to look back and see him in the same onesie and read the notes I wrote.

The similarities are OUT OF CONTROL.  Like how you’ve started constantly playing with your tongue this month- sticking it out, licking your lips, blowing raspberries, and turning it upside down (although I don’t remember Colin turning it upside down… actually I don’t even know if I can physically do that… must be from your Dad).  You’re not really as verbal as your brother was, but you’ve started making a strange nasal ‘zombie’ noise JUST like Colin did at this age (what IS THAT?!).  I also smiled when I read that your brother loved head-shoulders-knees-toes because you totally light up in the same way he did… every time I sing it.


Speaking of that big brother… oh, the way you look at him.  It makes all the hard parts of having two small children worth it.  I asked him ‘what number is on Jill’s shirt?’ and when he replied “EIGHT!!!”, you giggled (while sticking out that tongue, of course!)  I know you two won’t always get along, but I hope you carry the love you have for him in this moment, for the rest of your lives.

Jilly Boo, you’re just the best.  The very best.  And somehow you keep getting better.

Love, Momma


This year, I’m joining a few photographers in a blog circle where we share monthly letters to our children.  If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out Cicely’s letter to her children!

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