seven months!


You are seven months old now, baby girl!  We are starting to get into a good groove and time is flying.  Speaking of ‘flying’… that hair of yours.  Keeps growing straight up!  (no seriously, I wet it down a few minutes before these pictures were taken).


As your Granny Janny says, you’re a ‘mover and a shaker‘.  [coincidentally, I remember her using those words to describe me during a visit in North Carolina… back in the day… so maybe you’re taking after momma after all?]  You need to be into EVERYTHING.  If I’m trying to read a book to your brother, you must grab it with both hands and chew on it.  If your brother is playing with blocks… you will LEARN HOW TO ARMY CRAWL so that you can play too.

Yes, I said army crawling.  It’s still very early.  And very slow.  But I’m very much not prepared (emotionally) for you to be mobile.  It seems everything is happening so much faster & earlier this time around.


Last weekend, you moved into the big girl (convertible) car seat.  And oh, that one was hard for me too.  It sat in a box in the hallway for a full week, while your Dad asked every day why I hadn’t installed it in my car.  “I’m not ready.  I can’t get rid of the infant seat.  She won’t be my baby anymore!!”  Such a silly ‘milestone’ to turn me into a sentimental mess!  But, I will admit you look awfully cute and grown up in your big girl seat, Boo.

This month, you also had your first ear infection (is that a milestone?  if so, you beat your brother by almost 2 full years on that one!).  Glad that’s over with… getting you to take your medicine was one huge, goopey mess!

You’re still a little apprehensive about solid foods.  Sometimes you handle the purees well and others you act like I’m trying to poison you.  I can’t figure out what foods you like & don’t like because your reaction is so different from day to day.  In the next few weeks, I will try more finger foods and see if maybe it’s just a texture thing?  Either way, you’re growing & healthy & nursing happily so we will figure it out!


Jilly Boo, we love you!  Happy seven months, baby girl!

Love, Momma


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